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Master Your Stress Response.

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Daily we are assaulted with issues including the pandemic, gun violence, climate anxiety, financial and political instability, war and global unrest.  Cars have seat belts, doors have locks.  Firefighters wear protective gear, healthcare providers have masks and gloves. But how much time, effort, and resources do we invest in protective equipment to safeguard our minds from the BrainBurn™ of our high-intensity environment?  


MindShield is not a typical mental health solution, but a fully integrated, efficient training which teaches us how to master our stress response and protect our minds as difficult things we can't control swirl around us.


MindShield begins with teaching how stress, burnout, and trauma, which manifest as BrainBurn™, impact the brain and body. For those experiencing BrainBurn, the Primitive Brain becomes overworked in response to ongoing stressful events. Rather than utilizing the problem-solving functions of our Executive Brain, our Primitive Brain begins to dominate, focusing solely on our body's basic survival functions, including the "fight, flight, or freeze" response. While this response is effective for short periods of time, as long-term effects of BrainBurn, it can have harmful negative consequences. If the Primitive Brain takes over for too long, the Executive Brain is unable to perform its necessary functions of critical thinking. MindShield training further provides a toolset to empower individuals to manage their stress response and quiet the mind: when the nervous system is at rest, the brain can adapt, learn and grow from complex events.

MindShield uses evidenced-based communication skill sets to support individuals in their relationships with both others and themselves. By integrating Sensory Awareness, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, individuals are able to not only emotionally self-regulate and shift into Executive function, but also to challenge the narratives that accompany all traumatic experiences.

MindShield is effective because it identifies BrainBurn™ & Trauma as a training issue, not a mental health problem.

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Businesses and Workplaces


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In the US, one-third of employees work more than 45 hours per week. Work from home makes the distinction between work and home murkier than ever, and while the cost of living is rising, wages have been left in the dust. It’s no wonder people experience more stress now than ever before. 

Toxic cultures pay for their attitude in turnover cost. The average turnover rate is about 17.8% across all industries. Replacing an employee costs an average of 33% of their salary, depending on the position.

MindShield offers a solution that creates a positive company culture allowing employers to lower their turnover costs, while giving their employees tools to deal with their stress response at home or the office.

Teachers are often evaluated on the test scores of their students which they have little control over.  They are not trained to deal with difficult children or highly traumatic situations. These factors combine to create a work environment that is very stressful, causing 40% of teachers to leave their profession within their first 5 years. It’s no wonder many teachers suffer from anxiety and depression or feel that they are fighting an impossible battle to do their job without the tools they need.


MindShield trains teachers to better protect their mental health enabling them to make better decisions while presenting a whole and fulfilled example of adulthood to the children they teach.  Teachers will find it easy to use and effective without overwhelming their already busy schedules.

In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, everyone is dealing with more daily stress. This chronic stress affects our mental and physical wellbeing, hurts our interpersonal relationships, makes us less effective at our jobs, and more apathetic.


MindShield for BrainBurn will give you the tools to mitigate the effects of stress, burnout, and trauma in an easy-to-use and empowering way. In this training, you will learn about your body’s natural stress response and helpful, practical ways to manage your own stress response on a regular basis. With our online learning platform, you can access and practice BrainBurn training anywhere anytime and connect with the MindShield Team who will help you master the tools for a long-lasting solution.


First Responders


Mental Health Professionals


Health Care Industry

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Day after day, call after call, First Responders are always “on”, ready to intervene to save others and face traumatic situations: when everyone is panicking and running around, uncertain what to do, it is the First Responders who intervene. They are trained to be functional and active during very stressful situations. As a result, they experience heightened brain activity which in turn becomes the problem: how can they turn off their brain and go back to a normal baseline while asked to be always ready to act? 

MindShield was originally created for firefighters and can be taught through an interactive learning management system that won’t interfere with rotations.


MindShield isn’t counseling. It’s training that first responders need to shore up their defenses so they can save lives.

MindShield is a new integrative approach to the mind-body connection that gives clinicians a simple, easy tool to help clients manage stress and burnout.  With so many people seeking aid, mental health professionals need integrative and understandable tools to help their clients manage anxiety and Trauma symptoms. 


MindShield is a skill set that can benefit mental health professionals. They can use the tools they teach to manage their own exhaustion and see the effectiveness of MindShield’s simple philosophy.  


MindShield is an intuitive program taught through an interactive learning management system. It is easy to work into client schedules and clinicians' hours. Once it has been learned it can be integrated seamlessly into daily life providing a lifelong tool for better mental balance.

The cost of physician turnover and reduced clinical hours has been estimated to be around $4.5 billion. Burnout among healthcare workers also affects patients. Many patients find themselves in untenable situations as they await treatment from overworked nurses and physicians trying to do it all. 

Healthcare is a strenuous industry that requires rigorous study and dedication. It also requires the ability to make decisions and support those in need through a series of stressful situations. 


MindShield is a fully integrated approach that trains healthcare providers on how to better connect with others while maintaining their own mental shields. Mindshield fits easily into everyday life and can be implemented without the need for extensive time away from work.

Home: Services
Home: Services


Our learning managing system combines the quality of live training with the flexibility of an online platform.


A fully integrated effective training that teaches how to master your stress response.  


MindShield trainings are tailored to your needs, instilling personal and organization-wide resiliency.


Our trainings offer a simple solution that gives trainees the resilience tools to combat BrainBurn.

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The Professional Fire Fighters of Utah have made Firefighter Behavioral Health a top priority since 2012. Mind Shield has been one of the key ingredients in our ability to produce widespread success within this arena. Our firefighters are comfortable with and therefore utilize this easy to use concept daily with effective results.

Jack Tidrow  |  President of Professional Fire Fighters of Utah

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