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Day after day, call after call, First Responders are always “on”, ready to intervene to save others and face traumatic situations: when everyone is panicking and running around, uncertain what to do, it is the First Responders who intervene. They are trained to be functional and active during very stressful situations. As a result, they experience heightened brain activity which in turn becomes the problem: how can they turn off their brain and go back to a normal baseline while asked to be always ready to act? 


First Responders are not trying to escape trauma, working under stress is the nature of their duty and they are trained to respond to situations. What they need is to learn how to turn that constant “action mode” off.


MindShield is an integrated approach, a training that helps first responders transition from work to personal life and building shields to protect their mental self in the face of trauma. The program was originally created for firefighters and can be taught through an interactive learning management system that won’t interfere with rotations. MindShield can bring the entire department together without taking anyone off-duty. Our program is designed to give first responders the training they need without drawing them away from their jobs. It aids relationships at work and at home to provide a comprehensive and simple solution to burnout, trauma, and stress.


MindShield isn’t counseling. It’s training that first responders need to shore up their defenses so they can save lives.

About : Welcome
About : Welcome
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