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The Solution.

MindShield is not a typical mental health solution or a traditional therapy, but a fully integrated training that teaches all of us how to master our stress response. It offers a simple solution that gives the mental tools to combat BrainBurn™. Once you understand how BrainBurn™ impacts your mind and body, and you are tuned in to your sensory experience, you are able to switch off and master your stress response. 
When MindShield is practiced, it takes only seconds to enact a lasting impact on trauma response.

The Solution: Intro
The Solution: MS for BB
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MindShield for BrainBurn

Learn to master your stress response with this 3 hour individual online training and develop the ability to use the tools when you need them.

In this training:

  • Review the brain anatomy, how the stress response is activated, and the difference between the limbic system and the executive function.

  • Discover and practice the tools of the Mind-Body Bridging Tool Box.

  • Get to practice MindShield Mapping Process.

  • Learn communication building mastery skills.

Peer–to–Peer Training

Go beyond mastering your stress response with this 7 hour training and teach MindShield as a peer, develop your leadership skills, and enhance team cohesion.

In this training:

  • Start with the MindShield for BrainBurn™ training,

  • Then become an expert at MindShield and help your peers navigate the Mind-Body Bridging Toolbox and the art of mapping.

  • Ideal for groups, teams, and co-workers

  • You will communicate better, and avoid letting stress affect the team dynamic. 

  • MindShield Peer-to-Peer training is self-care within a work - or any - environment 

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Solution: P2P Training
Solution: Peer Coaching
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MindShield  Peer Coaching & Support

30 minute online sessions once or twice per month with a trained peer to help you remember what you've learned, utilize the tools, and get support for your unique situation. 



For more information on our coaching options, please click below.

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