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MindShield begins with teaching how stress, burnout, and trauma which manifest as BrainBurn™ impact the brain and body. For those experiencing BrainBurn, the Primitive Brain becomes overworked in response to ongoing stressful events. Rather than utilizing the problem-solving functions of our Executive Brain, our Primitive Brain begins to dominate, focusing solely on our body's basic survival functions, including the "fight, flight, or freeze" response. While this response is effective for short periods of time, as long-term effects of BrainBurn, it can have harmful negative consequences. If the Primitive Brain takes over for too long, the Executive Brain is unable to perform its necessary functions of critical thinking.


MindShield training further provides a toolset to empower individuals to manage their stress response and quiet the mind: when the nervous system is at rest, the brain can adapt, learn and grow from complex events.


MindShield uses evidenced-based communication skill sets to support individuals in their relationships with both others and themselves.

By integrating Sensory Awareness, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, individuals are able to not only emotionally self-regulate and shift into Executive function, but also to challenge the narratives that accompany all traumatic experiences.

MindShield is effective because it identifies BrainBurn™ & Trauma as a training issue, not a mental health problem.

How It Works: Services

3 Training Models:

3 hours online competency training  / 4 hours team training / 7 hours advanced training for peer mentors  

Multiple Delivery Options:

Training taught online or through a hybrid live / online session.

Life-Long Skills

All who receive the 3 hours training can use MindShield™ when they reach a critical amount of stress or experience burnout.

Continued Support

Mentoring / Coaching

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MindShield trains individuals in mindfulness, visualization techniques, and a structured cognitive-behavioral protocol that shifts you from the Primitive Brain to higher functioning.

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What is BrainBurn™?

Stress is part of our lives and most of us have the internal resources to go back to a normal baseline of functioning once the stressful event has passed. When stress exposure is unusually intense, chronic, uncontrollable, and overwhelming, we are in a state of burnout. With time, the build-up of burnout due to unusually high levels of chronic stress develops into a vicious circle: we experience what we call BrainBurn.

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How It Works: Welcome


MindShield is not just a different mental health solution, but a fully integrated practical training that provides an empowering and easy-to-use tools box that literally helps to shield the mind against acute stress, trauma, and BrainBurn.

Signs of BrainBurn

  • Anger/irritability/can’t relax

  • Excessive alcohol/substance use

  • Sleep problems/nightmares

  • Relationship problems

  • Feeling numb and detached

  • Intrusive thoughts-day mares

  • Tired, worried, worn down, stuck in your mind

  • Difficulty focusing/concentrating

  • People tell you you’re negative, sarcastic, critical

How It Works: About Me
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