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MINDSHIELD EVENT: Clinical Training

Interactive: Hybrid of live Zoom and online training

Starting June 8th, 2020

Training will be facilitated by the creator of MindShield, Rich Landward, LCSW.

MindShield Training provides 16 NASW CEU's.

Workshop capacity limited, sign up today!


Help Us Help First Responders

First Responders are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While they sacrifice their mental and physical well-being to keep the rest of us safe, we want to give them something in return. MindShield is donating access to our app to all first responders during these uncertain times. To help make this possible, we are looking for your help! Find out more by visiting our GoFundMe campaign below.



Making an Impact Using an Integrated Approach

February 29th & March 7th | 9am - 6 pm

Garff Building | University of Utah | Salt Lake City


MindShield Training provides 16 CEU credits.

Workshop capacity limited, sign up today!

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